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Each month, through our partnership with Harvard Business Review, we refresh our resource library with five new HBR articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. Check out the curated pieces below, available to readers through the end of the month.
We have all become pretty good at adapting to change over the past year and a half. As executives try to navigate this new business landscape and keep pace, what is a realistic expectation for adapting to change? How much change is good? How fast should the changes happen? How can we manage the sheer amount of change being thrown at us? This article by David Michels and Kevin Murphy explains that the first step is understanding your company’s capacity for change, and then describes the factors that they believe determine a company’s change power. Find out what the data they uncovered means for companies and employees, along with suggestions for improvement. 
Download: “How good is your company at change?”
With remote work more common than it’s ever been thanks to the pandemic, what is the best way to create a “work-from-anywhere” arrangement when negotiating a job offer? What about those who’ve discovered they prefer working virtually and don’t want to return in person to the office in their current position? Discover five steps for negotiating a remote work agreement. For instance, be prepared to show the impact you can make despite your physical location. Download for more tips from career coach Susan Peppercorn.
Download: “How to negotiate a remote work arrangement”
What are some of the sources of great risk organizations often overlook when thinking about AI ethics? Procurement officers, senior leaders who lack the expertise to vet ethical risk in AI projects, and data scientists and engineers who don’t understand the ethical risks of AI. Addressing these risks requires both awareness and buy-in on your AI ethics program across the organization. Download this report by AI expert Beena Ammanath and ethical risk specialist Reid Blackman to uncover six strategies for achieving success.
Download: “Why everyone in your organization must understand AI ethics”
Many organizations are trying to respond to intensifying competitive pressures and challenges by asking too much of their employees. But focusing on a few important initiatives can lead to greater impact. By expanding the total amount of value created for their customers, employees, and suppliers, IT leaders can position their companies for enduring financial success. “An easy-to-use framework called value-based strategy gives executives a common language for evaluating strategic initiatives and developing a holistic view of the many activities taking place within their organizations.” What makes a strategic initiative truly worthwhile? Strategy expert Felix Oberholzer-Gee shares his thoughts in this HBR article. 
Download: “Eliminate strategic overload”
What do you do if you see that an important task needs to be done but it’s outside of your job description? Before you decide whether to switch lanes, consider this research based on observations and recordings of first responders completing mass-casualty incident simulations. Margaret M. Luciano, Virgil Fenters, Semin Park, Amy Bartels, and Scott Tannenbaum, authors of this HBR article, note to be mindful of the environment, beware of crossing team boundaries, and remember to update your team and leaders. What’s most important is doing any job appropriately, whether it’s in your lane or not. Download this report to learn the essential lessons to consider.
Download: “When to take on tasks that are outside of your job description”
The next normal has arrived, and CIOs play a central and critical role in whether organizations thrive in this reality. This research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services identifies four focus areas for CIOs and  IT organizations, based on interviews with CIOs and CTOs from Abbott, Adobe, Equifax, Johnson & Johnson, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Toyota Financial Services, and University of Alabama at Birmingham, and other tech executives. Download this report to learn the 10 new leadership rules these executives are embracing.
Download: “IT leadership in the next normal”
Keep up with the latest advice and insights from CIOs and IT leaders.
Keep up with the latest advice and insights from CIOs and IT leaders.

Keep up with the latest advice and insights from CIOs and IT leaders.
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