Angel Danae Monroe Review


Taylor Danae Colbert’s lifelong dream of being published is finally coming true in the new
novel Angel danae monroe. Born in New York, Taylor Danae Colbert has been writing since
she was five. She is a single mother of two and a former teacher. When she finally finished
Angel, she received a check for $70,000. The book is set in New York, and is a fascinating
look at how a writer achieves her lifelong dream.
Angel danae monroe
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Taylor Danae Colbert’s lifelong dream of becoming a
published writer

Author Taylor Danae Colbert has accomplished her lifelong dream of becoming a published
writer with her debut novel, “The Lie You Tell Me.” This second-chance romance takes readers
back to the teen years when she lived with Bria Knox, her constant companion. But as a
teenager, she was never quite ready to give up her childhood crush, and now she’s fully
grown, full of ambition and a dreamy med student fiance.