AO3 Year in Review


In the AO3 fandom, one of the major trends is the popularity of Asian media. Live-action
Chinese dramas and K-Pop groups have become huge players. Anime shows and movies have
also gained popularity. My Hero Academia has been featured in numerous top ten lists, but
never quite made it to the top 10.
Top 100 ships of all time
The year 2014 was the first year that the popularization of One Direction’s music was truly
visible in the fandom. With the recent release of the film One Direction: Never Say Never, the
band gained huge popularity and broke into the top five of AO3’s most popular ships list.
However, the group’s popularity waned after their breakup in 2017. In the year 2017, Captain
America: Civil War brought Steve and Bucky to new levels of popularity.
The Ao3 fandom is dominated by Asian media. Live-action Chinese dramas, Korean pop
groups, and Anime shows and movies have been huge in the fic world. However, My Hero
Academia made the Top 100 list a few times. Obviously, that’s not to say that My Hero
Academia isn’t real. But its popularity in the fandom has made it the most popular pairing of all
The popularity of POC characters in AO3 has increased over the years. But still, most of the
popular ships involve white men in gay relationships. While this is not a surprising trend, it’s a
trend that hasn’t changed much. In fact, POC characters tend to originate in anime and
Chinese dramas. However, more POC-focused fan fiction is being created.
While Reylo is still a hot favorite, BTS and Klance have been disappointing fans. However, the
emergence of these two characters as popular ships has brought them into the Top 100.
Despite their high popularity, the Ao3 fandom has not ruled out pairings of F/F characters. The
number of F/F ships on the Top 100 list has been steadily declining since the debut of the
‘Swan Queen’ in 2015.
For the first time, the list also lists the most popular ships in the Femslash and All-Time Top

  1. It also lists AO3’s Femslash Top 100 and All-Time Top 100 pairings. The Femslash Top
    100 list also includes the Merlin/Arthur Pendragon, the two ships that are most popular in the
    AO3 fandom. The Femslash list has fixed Change values.
    Ao3 fandom is more diverse than it has ever been. In the Top 100 of the Year list, M/M pairings
    outnumbered F/F ones by more than one-to-one. There are more M/M pairings than F/F
    pairings, and the Top 100 ships of each category represent different amounts of fanfiction. So,
    you can see if your favorite pairing is on the Top 100 list.
    The top 100 AO3 ships of 2019 include 25 women and four characters of indeterminate sex. As
    with previous years, the list also includes characters of color. There are also 46 women and
    three people of color. Ten characters are racially ambiguous. Those are the top 100 ships of
    AO3! And the list is still growing. This list is only one of many ways in which fans can make
    AO3 more diverse.
    Most popular fics
    For the past five years, centreoftheselights has been tracking fanfiction and compiling data
    into its “year in review” reports. This latest report details the top 100 pairing tags, including
    the genders of the participants. The results show that the fandom remains overwhelmingly
    male and queer, but the race of the characters being shipped is changing. A rising number of
    Asian dramas are showing up on fanfic lists.
    Fanfiction can take existing characters to a fictional universe or world, or to a real-life high
    school. These stories can be extremely dark or extremely light, and can be categorized as
    heavy or light, or even NSFW. Ao3 year in review most popular fics have been voted by a
    community of over six million readers. Despite the popularity of these stories, however, many
    authors have made it a point to moderate the comments, as these comments can be a
    nuisance to readers.

Many authors have complained about the lack of community on AO3, but some authors have
found ways to make their stories more accessible to readers. The “Kudos” button allows
readers to provide constructive feedback and interact with authors. It also makes it easier for
readers to rate the quality of stories. It is also easy to gauge the quality of a work by the
number of favs, follows, and reviews.
As with many fanfiction communities, AO3 has its share of controversy and content. There are
many stories about real people who have been demonized, but others are based on their own
lives. Many users also express frustration over the inability of the community to filter out
unwanted content. Some have found it difficult to filter out content, because they can’t choose
Severus Snape, slash, and meta posts.
As for AO3 administrators, they are fandom heroes, and deserve our respect. Please don’t
berate them for the actions of others, as they are not responsible for the quality of the
fanfiction. AO3’s admins are dedicated to keeping the community safe, and they do deserve
our gratitude. You can find an excellent list of popular fics on the AO3 site by searching for
Most popular F/F fics
“Sexy Times With Wangxian,” which first appeared in October, has become a phenomenon
across AO3. While most AO3 users stay within their own fandoms, STWW has spread like
wildfire across the site. This fic follows the story of a couple from the Chinese TV series “The
Untamed.” In the title, “Wangxian” refers to the ship name of the couple’s main romantic
pairing. This fic features more than two hundred chapters of porn, and has earned a cult
Although the number of F/F fics on AO3 is lower than those of M/M pairings, it is rising fast.
This year, there were more than 165,000 fics written for M/M ships, compared to just over
thirty-five thousand fics written for F/F ships. However, no list of the Top F/F fics exists yet.
Despite the popularity of the Ao3 anime series, not all fics are created equal. While some
fanfics follow the original storyline, others are created purely for fun. In these cases, authors
can expound on small moments in the original work. And some fanfics even pick up where the
series ended. Ao3’s most popular F/F fics include the following:
Among the top-selling F/F fics on AO3 are Ladybug and Clexa. While het fics have more fans
than their F/F counterparts, they don’t tend to be as popular as those of the M/M genre.
However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not worth reading, as AO3 has hundreds of thousands
of them.
Ao3’s most popular F/F fics often feature humourous comments from the author. One of the
most common examples of MST (-ing) in fanfiction is a story about a male character who
becomes pregnant. While this is an AU story, the character in these stories often has a
perfectly acceptable reason to be pregnant. Make sure you read the warnings before reading
these stories.