Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” lyrics

Doja Cat
Doja Cat

Need to Know Lyrics by Doja Cat

Need to know lyrics were written by Doja Cat. She released the song as part of her Planet Her album. The song is an uplifting anthem and it is well worth listening to. It’s also a powerful message about the importance of love and relationships. The track is very popular and was a hit for Doja Cat.

Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” lyrics

The “Need To Know” lyrics are about a relationship that is not working out for the singer. The rapper and singer-songwriter wrote the song herself. The song is off her upcoming album, Planet Her. The lyrics are pretty explicit. If you want to know more, you should check out the song.

The song, which was released on June 11, 2021, was the second single from the artist’s third studio album. It was first released on Kemosabe Records and RCA Records. The song contains rap verses and erotic lyrics. The song also has a futuristic music video that explores a fictional planet. The video features American actress Ryan Destiny and Canadian musician Grimes. The song debuted within the top 40 of the Billboard chart.

Dr. Luke & Lydia Asrat’s “Planet Her” lyrics

The song “Planet Her” was released on June 11, 2021 and has become a viral hit since its release. Written by Dr. Luke, Doja Cat, and Lydia Asrat, the song has both male and female vocals. It also features a video with a science-fiction aesthetic. The video features product placement from Uber. Producers Miles & AJ created the music video.

The track is one of Doja Cat’s best known songs. It features a song about a fictional planet that was created by the singer. The band explored new sounds on Planet Her and tried to break away from mainstream music trends. The band likened the musical shift to outer space.

The album spent 33 weeks in the Billboard 200. It was the first female rapper album to reach the top ten. This chart-topping album has been certified by the British Phonographic Industry, the Australian Recording Industry Association, and the Syndicat National d’Edition Phonographique.

Dr. Luke & Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” lyrics

Doja Cat has dropped a new single, “Need to Know,” from her upcoming Planet Her album. The song was produced by Dr. Luke and written by Lukasz Gottwald. The song is a futuristic and space-themed track, and the lyrics were written by the duo.

The track was released on June 11, 2001, by Kemosabe Records. It has since become an internet sensation. Its lyrics are NSFW, and it has a provocative cover. It’s not recommended for a young audience.

While it’s unclear if the duo are still working together, the duo have a history of working together. Doja Cat has tweeted anti-gay slurs, titled a song with a racial slur, and hung out in racist chat rooms. Both artists have apologized for their actions, but fans should be wary of the duo.


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