Fighting for me Lyrics


Riley Clemmons – “Fighting For Me” Lyrics

If you’ve listened to Riley Clemmons’ music at any point, you’ve no doubt noticed how powerful it is. Regardless of your age, the beauty of this artist’s voice transcends her years. She’s the first teen singer to garner over 50 million YouTube views and 210 million global stream views. You’ve probably heard her hit single “Broken Prayers,” which racked up over 30 million streams. Riley Clemmons’ music is a blend of gospel music and classic rock.

Riley Clemmons’ music transcends her years

At only 18 years old, Riley Clemmons has already made an impression in the music industry. She’s been in the music industry for five years and just recently released her self-titled debut album on Capitol CMG. She’s currently touring with Danny Gokey and Tauren Wells. In this interview, she shares the story of her unplanned foray into the music business and some of the most incredible moments she’s experienced along the way.

The talented singer’s seasoned strength, deep church roots, and love of pop music all combine to create an album that transcends her years. Her self-titled debut studio album, “Godsend,” features tracks written by Ben Glover, Tedd T, and Teddi Sutherland, and she has toured extensively. She has earned the praise of her critics and her peers, including Amy Winehouse, who singled out her song “Wildfire” as their pick of the week.

Christian pop singer-songwriter Riley Clemmons is a 21-year-old Nashville native who has already garnered almost 250 million global streams and 50 million YouTube video views. The breakout star’s 2017 debut single “Broken Prayers” has gained more than 30 million streams, and her self-titled debut album, released this year, has already garnered wide critical acclaim.

It has impacted your life

The song “Fighting for me” by Christina Aguilera was written as a message to women to fight for themselves and express their feelings. The lyrics thank a man for making her stronger, and it’s not hard to understand why it might make you want to break free of a relationship. This song’s powerful vocals and lyrics are perfect for any woman facing the toughest circumstances. It’s the perfect song to sing to a partner who’s made you feel inadequate.

It has inspired you

If you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration, look no further than the latest lyric video from Riley Clemmons. Her empowering strength-filled ballad “Fighting For Me” has just been released, and you can stream/download it for free on most digital retailers. The song follows her recent release “Broken Prayers,” which was a standout single for the singer on her self-titled debut album on Capitol CMG.

The lyrics in this song aren’t always positive. While you may be hearing about two people fighting and getting hurt, the words are a metaphor for harsh words. You may be thinking that these lyrics are aimed at men, but they can apply to anyone. The song is a powerful example of what it takes to overcome tough times. If you’ve ever been unable to overcome them, this song can give you the motivation to continue on your journey.