Free Computer Games

Free Computer Games
Free Computer Games

Computer games are popular types of video games that are played on a personal computer. The most popular types of computer games include puzzle, match-3, and hidden objects. There are thousands of free computer games available to download. If you’re looking for the latest releases, try playing Lord of the Rings Online, FFXIV, and World of Tanks. You’ll be glad you did! Here are some tips for finding the best free games to download.

World of Tanks

One of the most popular free computer games today is World of Tanks. This online strategy game combines elements of arcade games with simulations. Players take control of one of eight hundred armored vehicles from 11 nations. In addition to using different types of equipment, the player can also use camouflage and other tactical features. The goal of the game is to eliminate all enemy players and capture their base. World of Tanks is one of the most popular free online games today, with more than a hundred million players worldwide.

Fallout Shelter

A lot of players have played Fallout Shelter free computer games, but have you tried playing it yourself? You can get an idea of what this game is all about by reading the following description. Fallout Shelter is a simulation game where you take control of a Vault-Tec vault. You must take care of power, food, water, and other resources of the vault’s inhabitants. To improve your survival rate, you must expand the vault and add new rooms.

Lord of the Rings Online

One of the best free PC games is Lord of the Rings Online, which will get a huge boost in its next update. It’s already one of the best free MMOs around, but there’s a lot of content you can’t get without spending money. Update 33 will bring the old content free for all players, allowing you to take on the role of either the Fellowship or Sauron.


If you are looking for a new MMORPG, you might have heard about Final Fantasy XIV. After all, it has garnered the biggest buzz in years. Not only are famous MMO streamers getting in on the hype, but disappointed WoW players are hopping ship to FFXIV as well. Even though FFXIV is currently free to play for newcomers, Square Enix has something special in store for returning players.

PlanetSide 2

If you love massively multiplayer first-person shooters, you’ll be glad to know that PlanetSide 2 is available for free on the Internet. This massively multiplayer game features three factions battling over a persistent world. As a player, you can choose to command infantry, command vehicles, or command both. You can also choose from six classes. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so make sure you choose wisely.


Smite is a free to play computer game. You can play it on PC, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360. In the game, you can battle other players to win items, experience, and gold. The gold is used to buy new items, and the experience you earn will help you level up. In addition to the game’s main gameplay mode, Smite offers several other modes to explore. For example, you can play as one of the gods, or you can play as another god.

Dance Mat Typing

If you’re looking for a free computer game that teaches typing, Dance Mat Typing is one of the best choices. This typing game can be played as a stand-alone station or divided into warm-up activities. It’s ideal for students who are ready to learn efficient typing skills and don’t mind playing repetitively. However, if you’re indifferent to the games’ visuals and humour, it might not be exciting enough. However, this game is easy enough to begin with and can be divided into several stages. It’s also a great way to learn the differences between different keyboards and the differences between them.


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