Hemp Seed Florida


Hemp Seed Florida

They are easy to grow

Hemp Seed Florida is a versatile crop that grows easily and produces high yields. Growers can plant sunn hemp in late spring or early summer, when the day length is long enough. Sunn hemp plants bloom in early September and reach their maximum height in about 10 weeks. Then they are ready for harvest. Harvesting the flowers and seedlings will maximize biomass. Approximately 15,000 seeds per pound can be harvested from the mature plant, which is ready for consumption in 70 to 84 days.

They require little maintenance

Hemp seed Florida is low-maintenance and drought-tolerant. This plant produces profuse flowers even in south Florida’s hot summers. Hemp seed Florida is certified by AOSCA. The sunn variety requires no irrigation. During the flowering period, it will produce a thick, fibrous stem. However, before the plant flowers, cut it to maximize biomass. Planting hemp seeds in Florida should be done in early spring or late summer.

They produce a healthy yield

Hemp Seed Florida is produced by certified seed companies. To be certified, a batch must be 80% germination or higher. Sunbelt Seeds’ Goliath variety is an example. This cultivar is a favorite among Florida hemp growers and a strong smokable strain. Black Label CBG is another cultivar, which features a high CBG content and a low THC content.