La Cancion Lyrics English

La Cancion Lyrics English
La Cancion Lyrics English

Learn Gerunds in La Cancion Lyrics English

La Cancion” is the English name for a song by Colombian singer J Balvin and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. It was released on 2 August 2019 and was the second single from their collaborative album, Oasis. According to Billboard, the song reached number one in Mexico and the US Latin Songs chart, but sales figures are based solely on certification. If you want to learn Spanish, check out these lessons based on similar songs.


One of the best ways to learn Spanish is to study gerunds in La Cancion lyrics. These words are equivalent to English’s ‘ing’ verbs and are used most often in conjunction with the verb estar. Here is a 5 minute video explaining gerunds and their conjugation. The lyrics are the property of the original authors and are provided for educational purposes only. To learn how to translate a song in Spanish, you need to know the gerund.

There are 19 past tense verbs in “I’m Yours” – 5 regular and 14 irregular – that’s more than half of the song! These words are: was, brought, could, lost, made, and are all recurring throughout the song! In fact, these words are used 66 times! And that’s just in the first verse! The rest of the song is written in present tense.

Gerunds in Spanish

Learn to use gerunds in La Cancion lyrics English. These words are equivalent to the English ‘ing’ verb, which usually means “to come back.” Gerunds in La Cancion lyrics are most commonly used with the verb estar, which means “to come back.” Learn how to conjugate gerunds in this five-minute video. All lyrics are property of their respective owners. Please respect the rights of the writers.

Learn to identify gerunds in Spanish using a printable ‘gerund images’ sheet. This printable sheet contains 15 gerund images from the song. Students can use it to identify and practice gerunds in sentences. Identify gerunds from the lyrics by making a list and writing sentences using them. If you need additional help, you can check out Speaking Latino Spanish Teacher Community’s Spanish lesson plans.

Gerunds in English

Learn the conjugation of gerunds in Spanish by watching a five-minute video. Gerunds are similar to ‘ing’ verbs in English, but with a slight variation. For example, the verb ‘florecer’ can be translated into ‘to sit’. The gerund form of’sit’ is ‘florecer’, and a gerund can be a pronoun or noun, like the adjective ‘to sit’.

There are 19 past-tense verbs in “I’m Yours,” including 5 regular and fourteen irregular forms. Some of the irregular verbs are held, lost, and made, and the word ‘would’ is used more than 66 times. The song’s lyrics are intended for nonprofit educational use. It is also available on iTunes and Reverbnation. These lyrics are available on YouTube, Reverbnation, and iTunes.

Lessons based on similar songs

One of the most challenging aspects of using music in a lesson is selecting a song. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a song for your lesson. These songs can be familiar or unfamiliar to your students, so they can use them as conversation starters and improve their listening comprehension. Also, they can be suitable for other performing arts as well. Lessons based on similar songs can also be used for other purposes, such as illustrating a point or using images.

The language level of the class will determine which songs to use and other activities to accompany them. For example, students in a lower level may get frustrated with fast-delivered lyrics. Conversely, students in advanced levels may not be interested in simple repetitive lyrics. To use songs effectively in your lesson, you should make sure to check the level of your class before choosing a song. To make your class members interested in a topic, ask them questions about it first, and then assign them different tasks to complete.