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Another First Partner Pack has been released by the Pokémon TCG. Previously, we have seen Galar, Alolan, Kalos, Unova, Kalos, Sinnoh, and Hoenn. This month, we get the Johto Starters. These products have been a bit delayed as well, with releases slipping and often hobby shops receiving product at different times than big box stores. However, I was finally able to locate Pokémon TCG First Partner Pack: Johto. I bought and opened a pack to review it and see what booster packs come inside. Let’s get to it.
I’ve loved seeing the Pokémon TCG use this product to count down through the generations. Now that we’re at Johto, I’m so thrilled to see these classic cards get the oversized treatment. The original version of these cards came out when I was collecting as a kid, so it’s quite special for me to get these jumbo versions with the gold foil stamp. I was excited to add these to my binder, but I do have to once again state that I wish the official Pokémon TCG binders, which is the only product that can hold this style of card, used side-loading pages. Top-loading binders are dust collectors, which is a shame!
The packs included are:
Previous First Partner Pack releases included a pack of Sun & Moon base and a pack of the latest expansion. Now, Sun & Moon has been switched out with Sword & Shield base, which is a good option for the Pokémon TCG. As we get further away from the initial Sword & Shield release, this is becoming more of a desirable pack due to its availability. Now, did I pull anything? No, but that’s okay. These packs should be considered bonuses, as the jumbos are the real pull.
The most nostalgic First Partner Pack so far, the Pokémon TCG does Johto right with beautiful, stamped jumbo cards and a strong pack selection.
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