Premium Quality CBD Products


What Makes a Premium Quality CBD Product?

What Makes a Premium Quality CBD Product? High-quality CBD products must meet quality-control standards. This means that they must contain only hemp grown without pesticides and made with therapeutic grade essential oils. These qualities can be hard to find in some CBD products, but Serena Organics has set a high standard for their products. Read on to learn more. The benefits of CBD oil are well worth the price. This article discusses some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for premium CBD products.

High-quality CBD products must meet quality-control standards

To ensure high-quality CBD products, manufacturers must meet stringent quality-control standards, including batch testing, out-of-spec product handling, and more. To ensure high-quality CBD products, manufacturers must ensure appropriate specifications and establish clear, documented procedures for handling out-of-spec product (OOS).

They must contain only hemp

In order to be considered a premium CBD product, it must contain only hemp. The legality of shipping CBD across state lines is unclear, and consumers must be able to easily download a copy of the COA. In addition, hemp has never been approved as a food additive. While it is not illegal to consume CBD oil products, some states may still ban them. Fortunately, these products are becoming more common.

They must be grown without pesticides

For consumers to purchase a premium quality CBD product, it must be grown without pesticides. This means that hemp used to produce CBD products has to be grown without pesticides. Moreover, the hemp used for producing such products must be organically grown. There are many other benefits of organic hemp, which is another reason to purchase CBD products. Pesticides are harmful to the environment. In addition to destroying soil, pesticides can lead to endocrine disruption and reproductive harm. Thus, ingesting CBD that is grown with pesticides is harmful.

They must be made with therapeutic grade essential oils

It is important to note that therapeutic grade is a marketing term without any governing body. That means that any company can claim to be using therapeutic grade oils. There are other grading and certifying terms, however, and some companies have trademarked them. It is a good idea to look for the company’s name when considering the quality of their CBD products. Otherwise, the product may be of poor quality.

They must be made in the U.S.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing CBD products. Ensure that the product is manufactured in the U.S. as the FDA does not yet approve it for children. The product must also be made by a company that uses research-grade cannabis from the University of Mississippi and the National Center for Natural Products Research. You should also be able to choose a product that is made in the USA and is derived from hemp.