Trademark USA Lyrics


Trademark USA Lyrics
The first segment of Trademark USA contains the song’s name. This segment is a criticism of Keem’s
rivals, and it’s followed by a brief segment on love and relationships. In contrast, Keem’s trademark USA
verse is longer than average, and it’s a tribute to his mother, implying that the stage name is his mother’s
nickname. Ultimately, the song’s name is a satire of life in the United States and its people.
Keem’s trademark USA segment
Keem’s trademark USA song has many meanings, and this segment lyrics show just how versatile his
artistry is. The song has several subjects and multiple themes, including his trademark USA segment
lyrics, the first verse of which is a rap about Keem’s sexual prowess and the wealth he’s gained.
chorus of the song serves as a shout-out to the dead.