WhatsApp Business – A New Feature For Businesses

WhatsApp Business - A New Feature For Businesses
WhatsApp Business - A New Feature For Businesses

WhatsApp Business – A New Feature For Businesses

WhatsApp business is a new feature for businesses, which was launched by Whatsapp Inc. It is available in the Google Play Store. To use this new feature, you need to download the latest APK version 2022. This app provides various features that make the process of running a business more productive. It offers various advantages such as sharing photos and movies, high quality video calling facility, emojis, stickers, voice notes, and a yellow briefing.

GBWhatsApp Pro is a free and safe way to share photos and movies

GBWhatsApp Pro is a powerful application that lets you share photos and movies on WhatsApp. However, unlike the regular WhatsApp, you must be a registered user in order to download and use the application. Once you have done so, you can use GBWhatsApp to backup your chats and media. You can choose to back up your chats to Google Drive or local storage.

GBWhatsApp Pro also has additional features not available in standard WhatsApp instances. These features include themes that let you customize the look and feel of the app. In addition, the developer of GBWhatsApp Pro adds new themes frequently. Other features of GBWhatsApp Pro include additional privacy settings. Unlike the standard WhatsApp instance, GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to share full-resolution images without the use of image compression. Another feature of the app is the ability to pin chats.

GBWhatsApp Pro is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. Although it is not officially offered by the Google Play Store, it comes with several additional features that you can’t get with the original app. For example, GBWhatsApp can be used to send and receive photos and movies. This feature is available for Android users only. GBWhatsApp Pro is not available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

It provides emojis, stickers, voice notes

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in the world, and the latest update adds emojis and stickers to its arsenal. With a billion users worldwide, this app has a lot to offer, and users can use it to send text messages, photos, videos, and more. The app is constantly adding new features, and stickers are no exception. If you want to download the latest set of stickers, follow these instructions.

Whatsapp business is a business-oriented version of the app, which offers a range of features beyond standard texting. It has a beautiful interface that allows users to change their chat backgrounds and use emojis and stickers to decorate their conversations. It also offers video calling facilities and has high-quality graphics.

It allows users to send up to 90 images, as well as 50 MB videos and 100 MB audio files. Users can also view their message statistics by long-pressing the message and then tapping on the menu icon. Then tap on “Info” to see a summary of the messages they’ve sent. WhatsApp also offers a feature that allows users to mute chatty friends or groups.

It has a yellow briefing

When users talk to a business account on WhatsApp, they will see a yellow briefing, which means that the conversation is encrypted from end to end. This briefing includes information such as the business name, image, location, category, email address, and website. WhatsApp Business is completely free to download, and provides additional features that can make the messaging experience better for your customers.

The main interface is much the same as that of the regular WhatsApp app, with tabs for calls, status, and chats. Other features include the camera and the statistics tabs. The title bar also lists the number of calls received, as well as the standard rates. WhatsApp Business also includes two new sections, titled Business and Statistics.

WhatsApp Business is not available on Google Play yet, but you can sign up to test it. To do this, you need to find the apps in the Play Store at the following address: